How to Get a Domain Name

Getting the Right Domain Name From the Start!


Before you rush to to register your domain, sit down, take a deep breath, and grab something to take notes on. There are a few rules to follow when choosing a domain name. I have listed 6 helpful tips for helping you select a great domain name.

  1. Brainstorm Keywords


Brainstorm the keywords that make you money. For example, if your website is for your pool and hot tub company, and pools bring in 90% of the profit, use your pool-related keywords over your hot tub keywords. Remember that local keywords are very important, especially for a brick and mortar store. Create a list of possible domain names and play around with different ideas, checking their availability in the “search for a domain name” function of your registrar until you find as many good matches as possible.

  1. Make the Domain Unique


Having your website confused with your competitor is a recipe for disaster. Avoid names that sound like popular sites. Copyright infringement is something to consider so be sure not to choose a domain name that includes a copyrighted brand name.

  1. Make it Easy to Remember and Type


Do not try to jam everykeyword that you could think of in one domain. Your domain name needs to be easy to remember and easy to type. Avoid un-memorable words, sounds and easy to confuse spellings.

  1. .com is All That You Need


Compare Dot Coms to real estate. The most prime real estate has been taken, and is out of your price range, but, there are still great finds out there. Once you have a successful website going, you might want to buy the .net or .org. Most people assume that your domain name is .com. so if you have a .org and you brand it, your risk the chance of sending traffic to the .com version.

  1. Shorter is Better


Short names are easy to type and easy to remember but are getting harder and harder to claim. When possible, try to get shorter words in your domain.

  1. Use Keywords That are Searched More


Google Trends offers a quick and easy tool to see what keyword is searched more. “Hot tub” is searched more than “hot tubs”, the plural version. So when possible, I would prefer to use the singular version.


Let’s suppose I own a hot tub business in Missoula, Montana, named “Bullfrog Spas of Missoula” where we sale one type of hot tub, Bullfrog Spas, and hot tub accessories and chemicals.


Now that you have this list of possible names, you can go to a company that registers’ domains and buy the one you like the most, for longest time possible (10 years). If you are planning to acquire your hosting account at this time, hold off on registering the domain name. You may be able to get the domain name for free with your hosting account.

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